"Dear Dr. Dail, Thank you so much for saving my life. I was in bad health when I first started your program. My liver, kidney, red blood cells, white blood cells, eyes, lungs, knees, feet, and ears were operating on low. The only good thing was my cholesterol. I do not know why it was good. My blood sugar was 252. Today I am much better; and all of my problems cleared up." ~ Loraine Williams

"After following Dr. James Dail's advice, I went to my doctor for a check up in July of 2008. Everything checked out normal including my A1C test on my glucose level and blood pressure reading. My doctor said a couple of times that I was a success story. Not many people will follow the instructions given to them from health practitioners; and because I followed the instructions, I am now called a success story. I am free from diabetes and no longer need medication." ~ Bishop Edwin J. Derensbourg, III
"Hi, my name is Ruth White. My sister and her husband came to South Carolina to bring me to Maryland to see Dr. James Dail. I heard a lot about this dynamic Neuropathy doctor from my sister, who lives in Maryland. Before I came to Maryland, I was in so much pain my husband would not let me go to the mailbox, which is directly in front of my house. I experienced constant pain day and night. I became depressed.

After meeting with Dr. Dail, he shared a new type of eating habit with me - starting with the foods I should eat. I started immediately. Within the first week I saw results. Not only did I notice a change, but so did my family. Five of my toes were turned downward for years. Then one Sunday, I looked down and they were back to normal. I was on 13 different types of medication: 3 for high blood pressure, 3 for diabetes, etc. I stayed in Maryland for three months. When I returned to South Carolina, my doctor took me off some of the medication and instructed me to continue doing what I was doing. 

I believe, had I not met Dr. Dail, I would not be here today. I can truly say that I do NOT have any pain: and I give GOD the praise for this man of GOD that loves people and is concerned about their health." ~ Ruth White - St. Matthews, South Carolina

"Dear Dr. Dail,

My name is Stormi Burns and I am a junior at South View High School. Unfortunately, due to my father's sickness, my first years of high school were terrible. I was unable to enjoy my freshman and sophomore years the way I wanted to; but "now" thanks to you, I can and I will have the best junior and senior year ever. I am sooooo thankful to have pastors like mine that would allow a wonderful person like you to help us in a time of need. Thanks 2 U, I have had the best Thanksgiving ever.

Thank you so much. I pray your family is blessed from generation to generation. P.S. You are the answer to my prayers."~ Stormi

"My experience with Dr. Daill's health program has been life changing.  Before meeting Dr. Dail, I suffered from severe menstrual cramps, PMS,  hormonal  imbalance ,mood swings and high blood pressure. After beginning Dr. Dail's  program, I noticed  immediate changes in my body and I became emotionally stable. Now, all of my health issues are  eliminated and I can now enjoy and live my life to its fullest! I thank God Dr. Dail's wisdom and his passion for teaching people health and healing based on the word of God." ~ Erica T., Greensboro, NC
"I have been on Dr Dail wellness program for less than a month, blood pressure is good (Sys 115 and Dia 67, pulse is 65. By the way I've had high blood pressure for several years.  Following your directions I stopped eating fish and meat, taking the nutraceuticals Doctor Dail recommended for me, I feel great!" ~ Bro Walton, Fort Washington , Maryland