Dr Dails Vision of the Swine Flu

Dr. Dail’s Vision of the Swine Flu

A church that I visited on the west coast served bacon, pig feet, pig guts, pig tails, etc. The swine is one of the lowest animal on the earth. We even eat their intestines. It is unfortunate that we have the audacity to bless something that God has cursed. Genesis 7:2 states that there was a division of clean and unclean beast before the flood. Unclean means demonic and the demons were in those types of animals. In Leviticus 11:2-28 where scavengers of the Earth and sea are not to be eaten. Chicken is the largest scavenger on earth. The church serves chicken with impunity. Many individuals bless chicken that God has already cursed.

Leviticus 11:7-8 confers that we should not eat or touch swine flesh. Trichinosis is a parasite that is found in pork that would enter the skin of the hands and leave in the body indefinitely. You would have to kill life in order to kill these parasites. The following are passages from the Bible that discuss swine flesh: