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Our Vision

To minister to those from all walks of life who are suffering in their bodies.

Our Mission

To be a multifaceted resource to train, educate, and disseminate information locally and nationally on how and why proper diet, food preparation and lifestyle changes will greatly reduce the chance of sickness and disease and enormously increase health, wellness, learning, fitness and proper behavior. All forms of communication, including the Internet, television, radio, seminars, workshops, and educational materials will be utilized to facilitate this objective. We will not discriminate against anyone.


Our Goal

To be living epistles and creditable witnesses to those who have sicknesses and diseases in their bodies. Since we believe that our body is the temple of God and His Spirit dwells in us, we feel that it is our purpose to educate the Body of Christ about various diseases, illnesses, bad diets, and improper eating habits. "We have an adversary called the devil, and his job is to destroy the temple" (John 10:10).

It is our goal to inform Gods' people and equip them to have good health.