1. Yoga promotes flexibility, greater overall strength and a lower percentage body fat than those who do not regularly practice it.

2. Yoga helps you breathe better thereby promoting overall brain, blood and waste eliminating functions of your body.

3. Yoga improves balance and core strength according to a research study from Temple University.

4. Yoga Treats Foot Problems: Famous yoga practitioner, Rodney Yee, claims that certain yoga poses, such as the mountain pose, tree pose, hero pose and eagle pose, “reawaken the feet” and treat all sorts of foot problems

5. Yoga As Medicine: Some studies suggest yoga is better at treating mood disorders and pain than standard treatments and drugs.

6. Yoga boosts overall sexual desire. Studies show regular yoga exercise increases sexual desire, orgasm, and overall sex life satisfaction for women.

7.  A study entitled Yoga for Osteoporosis tracked and measured the bone density over a period of 2 years and found that yoga replaces bone mass.

8. Yoga is great for diabetics because it balances blood sugar according to a 2011 Diabetes Care study.